Are your cutting tools really easy to use?

Have you encountered this situation when cutting leather and fabric?

Obviously it is a piece of cloth, but it cuts like a wooden stick. So difficult to cut.

Although we use these tools carefully, we still get scratched by the knife accidentally.

Every time we buy a cutting tool, we buy a lot of spare inserts. The bad thing is that every time the blade will grow a thick layer of rust.

It is so difficult to buy a set of convenient and handy cutting tools.

Keenray recently released a new cutting tool that is very convenient. Very suitable for left and right hands.Flexible and controllable handle. When not in use, it will retract automatically without scratching your hands. When using, turn on the button at the top, press and hold the handle with normal grip strength, then you can use.

Each set has several spare blades with different cutting stripes to meet your needs for cutting shapes. And the blade is coated with rust-preventing oil so that no matter how long you leave it, it will not rust.

All rotating blades are made of SKS-7 steel with amazing clarity. It can easily cut through multiple layers of fabric, paper or other materials. Make the cutting material faster and more perfect to cut without leaving uncut conditions, thus saving time. Easy to use and replace the blade.

If you are not satisfied with your current cutting tools, you may wish to buy a Keenray rotary cutter set and try it!

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