Keenray CL1 Towel Warmer

Keenray CL1 Towel Warmer

Keenray Towel Warmer has one button to push to turn the unit on. You know it's "on" by the lit up red ring around the button. There is also a safety red light that stays on to remind you that the interior surface is hot. It also has an automatic shut-off feature for added safety and peace of mind.

We recommend putting the towel in before you get in the shower and press a button to turn it on. After about 10-15 minutes, you are able to wrap yourself in a warm towel or to put on warm clothes! Having a warm towel after shower is so enjoyable after a long day of work. The comfort of wrapping a warm towel around me after the shower, especially during winter.

when the towels are rolled up inside, the towels don’t get as warm as the outside, so better adding your items in loosely then both sides of the towels are warm enough.

There is a paper-like scent bag included that keeps the device smelling good during shipping - don't confuse that with the scent disc that's wrapped in a foil-like bag. The scent disc can be inserted in a holder under the lid for a fresh smell.

To Get Best Heating Effect, you must pay attention to the following tips
1. Heating Time-- The tower warmer will start to heat in 1 minute and reaches the highest temperature 268'F in about 6 minutes.
But, you may kindly understand that it does not mean your towel will get the same high temperature immediately.
And then the inner barrel wall begin to conduct heat to the towel and the towel will get hot (167"F) in the next 15 minutes and then remaining the temperature in the next 45 mins in the bucket .
So for better effect, you can heat your towel warmer for 20-30minutes.

2. Heating Fabrics: please must use cotton or cotton blend fabrics, do not use chemical fiber towels or chemical fiber clothing, or other materials that are not resistant to high temperatures;

3. Heating Tips: You should fluff the towel before putting it in the towel warmer.

4. Storage: You’d better put it in a dry place after you use it, in case that the towel warmer get defective due to exposure to water vapour for a long time.

The Meaning of The Towel Warmer is to provide warmth at the moment when you get out of bath, which significantly relieves the uncomfortable feeling in coldness, and then you will get on your cloth. This is especially helpful in the cold winter for little children and people who are sensitive to coldness. Sometimes little children are likely to catch a cold when out of bath in cold days or out of swimming pool in the summer. This is really annoying. Getting out of bath to a warm and toasty towel and get the body or wet hair wrapped in warmth is really enjoyable.
Also you can warm the clothes in advance so that you can put on warm clothes when get up in the morning. Our products aims to improve the life quality and let people have an overall better feeling at bath.

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