Why choose Keenray towel warmer?

Why choose Keenray towel warmer?

After a busy day, taking a bath is our most relaxing and enjoyable way!

After bathing in winter, we will all encounter many problems. Ten minutes ago, you were still enjoying the enthusiasm of bathing. Ten minutes later, you returned to the cold and snowy "South Pole". 

Keenray towel warmer can bring you the warmth of winter, heating quickly in 1 minute, and reaching the highest temperature in 6 minutes. The maximum heating time is one hour. This is perfect for chilly mornings.

Extra Large Capacity. Accommodates up to two 40” X 70” oversized bath towels, bathrobes, blankets, pajamas and more. Dimensions: 19" (h) x 13" (w) x 13" (d), total 20 L capacity. Meet a whole family use!

1 minute rapid heating, 6 minutes to reach the highest temperature. The longest time can be 60mins, safe and secure. Towels heated all the way through.
Heat evenly, no more cold spots, keep drying in cold winter, bring warmth after bath, luxurious enjoyment

Easy to store, not chaotic, light enough to move around with ease keep tidy, bamboo and wood base, insulated floor, stylish design, home art, mute throughout the use process, enjoy comfort and calm.

This versatile device makes a thoughtful gesture for housewarming, wedding, shower or birthday.
Smooth and shiny towel barrel, super chic design, multiple colors, six colors for your choice. Once you have experienced the comfort of a warm towel, that will become your daily pleasant surprise after a bath. Pamper your friends & family with this incredible present!