Umi vs. Keenray Juicer – Which is Best?

Choosing the right juicer is a big decision. Not only does it depend on the size of your family, but also the functions you want. For example, are you looking for a juicer that requires less chopping and slicing or one that takes up less space?

We’ve compared two popular juicers to help you decide.

EL10 Mini Juicer

This mini juicer is perfect for a small family or to take on the go. The machine assembles easily and takes only a few minutes to clean. The small body takes up only a little counter space and easily fits in your luggage when traveling.

With a 50 RPM auger speed, you can rest assured that your fruits and vegetables retain their vitamins and nutrients. In addition, the juicer doesn’t foam or clog and has a leak-proof valve to keep messes to a minimum.

To clean the EL10 Small Bore Juicer, there is a reverse function to help unstick foods, and all parts detach for a thorough cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe, and the product comes with a cleaning brush to get the small areas.

EL12 Large Caliber Juicer

The EL12 Large Caliber Juicer is a large family’s dream come true. With a larger feeding tube, you don’t have to cut fruits into smaller chunks before juicing, and with greater power, you can create delicious juices for your family in no time. You can save time prepping fruits and vegetables while enjoying your favorite juices.

The EL12 extracts up to 90% of the juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables and minimizes oxidization to retain the vitamin content of your fruits and vegetables. There’s only one switch to operate the juicer, and it has three mesh designs to accommodate almost any fruit or vegetable.

Final Thoughts

Choose the juicer that processes the fruits and vegetables you need. Both juicers are a great option whether you’re juicing for yourself or your entire family. Think about how much prep time you have when juicing and what you want to juice when choosing the right option.

Always look for an option that’s dishwasher safe, is high-powered, and fits your counter space. Fortunately, both the EL10 and EL12 models take up little counter space, giving you plenty of options for your favorite juicer.

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