Bucket Style Towel Warmer

Luxury at your fingertips, the Towel Warmer is the ideal way to start or end your day. Imagine getting out of a bath or shower, reaching for your towel and you’re met with a warmed cloth, ready to envelop you after a relaxing soak in the tub. The ultimate accessory for self-care, the Towel Warmer is exactly what you need to extend the enjoyment of a bubble bath.

With rapid heating capabilities, you can have your towel, bathroom or even a blanket, heated to perfection in just 6-20 minutes. Using comprehensive heat coverage, your bath towel will be warmed all the way through. Perfect for the whole family, the Towel Warmer is a cozy way to end bath time for kids and adults alike.

Safe to use and easy to clean, the towel warmer is a fantastic addition to any bathroom or living room. With an ultra large bucket, this towel warmer can fit the fluffiest of bathrobes, blankets even pyjamas.

Whether it’s for a baby shower, wedding registry or birthday gift, the Towel Warmer is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Everyone deserves a spot of luxury in their life, pick up a Towel Warmer and create a spa-like experience every time you take a shower.

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