Why do you need a massager? Imagine always having a massager with you to get rid of those little aches and pains or help relax yourself.

Purchase Keenray shiatsu massager with heat. You will get a square massage cushion with a carrying handle on top and a transformer plug which fits into the fitting protruding from the massager. Its fabric cover is pretty soft. It doesnt cause any problems there even you have sensitive skin.

To use the massager it’s simplicity itself and easy for anyone to use, no matter the age. There’s no fancy settings to faff with, you just switch it on by pressing the bottom corner of the unit which activates the massage balls with no heating, press again for a massage with heat, and hold and press the button to turn off. The 15-minute massage time is the most perfect. It can be used with the heating function to relieve your pain well. The pillow is versatile, so you can use it against your back, or you can put it under your legs, or against your headboard to get your shoulders.


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